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Welcome to your urban oasis. Tucked away on a quiet street in the cultural heart of Tel Aviv, our brand new 24 room boutique hotel is based around one simple theme - pure indulgence in the city that never sleeps.
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Our boutique hotel is the ideal location from which to experience Tel Aviv's pulsating energy, dynamic arts and culture, trendy shopping, vibrant nightlife, and world-class cuisine. At Hotel Berdichevsky you're in the center of it all.

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Tel Aviv is an exciting, happening city with a population of just over four hundred thousand people. It is actually the second largest city in Israel but has the largest metropolitan area, of which it makes good use. Tel Aviv has so many things to do on a given day. The city is located in Gush Dan, the largest metropolitan in Israel. The Gush Dan is located along the Israeli Mediterranean coast line in the central to west part of Israel. The Gush Dan contains a massive amount of Israel's total population, a staggering forty two percent's worth. Tel Aviv is also the largest city in the Gush Dan region, of which there are over three million people currently residing.
It is described as the perfect city for both people who live in the Gush Dan area and tourists to the area who are looking to have a good time. There are plenty and a huge variety of entertainment spots, from cafes to clubs to shopping. The Tel Aviv Yafo municipality currently governs the city. The people who live in Tel Aviv are known as Tel Avivim. Jerusalem is not recognized by many organizations; thus, Tel Aviv is the political home to many of the foreign embassies, being the second largest city in Israel.

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The Berdichevsky offers you the best of hotels Tel Aviv israel. On your next vacation, consider making your reservation at the Berdichevsky Hotel from all the hotels in Tel Aviv. This Tel Aviv hotel offers luxurious rooms combined with extraordinary customer service. Call us today to stay at one of the nicest Tel Aviv hotels right next to all the action of Israel's second largest city. See the best hotels in Israel Tel Aviv and find out what this diverse city has to offer.

The afternoon, it's one maybe two Sipping away my last goldstar, not so much to do"
Dream away the sunny day until it's time to leave I'll just watch you pass on by When I'm on my own in Tel Aviv
With the blocks to one side The beach on the other And the trees and the leaves On my own in Tel Aviv - DURAN DURAN

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