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If you are visiting Tel Aviv and are looking for some of the best hotels to stay in, look no further. The Berdichevsky Hotel in Tel Aviv is among the best hotels in Tel Aviv and has much to offer the traveler coming to experience the draws of the city. Tel Aviv is known the world around for its many attractions and endless things to do. One could stay up all night and all day and still never run out of things to do in this bustling metropolitan city. The Berdichevsky Hotel is known as the best Tel aviv boutique hotels.

The City of Tel Aviv

The Best Hotel in Tel AvivThe city of Tel Aviv has a population of four hundred thousand people. It is located in the Gush Dan area of Israel, which comprises the metropolitan area and has a population of over three million, making it the largest populated area in Israel. The Gush Dan is located to the center and west of Israel, next to the Mediterranean coast. It was founded by the Jewish community just outside the ancient port city of Jaffa. The growth of the city of Tel Aviv combined with the force of Jewish immigration soon was just as great as and faster than Jaffa's. The two cities, Jaffa and Tel Aviv, were combined in the year 1950, two years after the declaration of Israel as a state.

Attractions in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a cultural center that represents much of what is so great about a connected city. The second largest city in Israel offers many forms of entertainment, whether it is seeing some entertainment with a little bit of the performing arts, tourism, recreation, night life, fashion, eating out, museums, sports, media, or more. It has some of the best hotels Tel Aviv and offers so many things to do; you will always be tired when you hit the sack at the end of the day. There are plays, music, night clubs, art exhibits, movies, and more, like going to the beach, eating at a world class rated restaurant, having an espresso at the cafe, and more. With so many activities to choose from, there's always something fun to do in Tel Aviv.
The Eretz Israel Museum has an interesting collection of archaeology as well as history exhibits on the campus of Tel Aviv University. Their Pride parade for gay rights is actually the largest in all of Asia. Tel Aviv is also a destination for fashion and those who work in it. You can also take in a soccer match at Bloomfield Stadium.

Tel Aviv is center to the stock exchange and is a financial center as well as a cultural one. It is a performing arts centric city as well as being the financial capital of Israel. The city itself enjoys the reputation of being the second largest economy in the Middle East (second to Dubai). The city has two and a half million visitors every year. In terms of the Middle East and Africa, it is the fifth most visited and is known as "the city that never sleeps." It boasts many attractions, including its attractive night life as well as being able to do anything at any time at any place. That's why it's important to have the best hotels Tel Aviv has to offer.

Tel Aviv Boutique Hotel 

The Berdichevsky Hotel offers the finest in customer service and beautifully done up rooms for the optimal Tel Aviv experience. It comes equipped with a phone, flat screen television, smart television system, safe deposit box, and amenities. This hotel is the best hotel in Tel Aviv with its sleek decor of the rooms sporting hard wood tones, brown, black, and white coloring, and marble bathrooms. If you need a conference room, there are 23 of them. Of all the best hotels Tel Aviv has to offer, the Berdichevsky gives you that unique experience of comfort after a very long day. Its soft beds and calming tones are designed to let you relax into the feeling of luxury. It's the best hotel in Tel Aviv due to its free wireless internet and other great features set up with the purchase of the room for the night. Of all the best hotels in Tel Aviv, this one is the nicest. In your next vacation, you are really going to enjoy reserving your room ahead of time. Call us today to book your dates with us.

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