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So far, the 21st century has completely changed the consumer behavior in numerous areas. The travel and leisure areas have changed substantially, allowing “small players” to get much more attention and thrive while competing strongly with the branded, world-wide known hotel corporations.

The culture of boutique hotels appeared not so long ago, and has usually been considered as an option for those who travel lightly and on a modest budget. Thanks to services such as Tripadvisor and other rating systems, every hotel has a chance and can gain recognition and loyalty among its guests.

This change is due to the fact that traveling has became more accessible to most of the working class, and as a continuation of this tendency, accommodation services have also became versatile in styles and offerings.

Generally, boutique hotels are intended to provide a unique experience, one that cannot be found anywhere else. Considering the uniqueness of Tel-Aviv as a city, one may assume that the boutique hotels in this culture center will be presented accordingly.


What can you expect when you stay at a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv of 2016?

Boutique Hotels Tel AvivTel aviv boutique hotels were established as a means to explore the city in the most authentic way. This goal is evident even in the choice of location for these accommodations. The most prominent boutique hotels in Tel Aviv are based mainly around some of the older, more centrally located streets of the city, for example, Rothschild Boulevard, the seashore, Shenkin Street, the Neve Tzedek neighborhood and the diamond district in Ramat Gan.

Tel Aviv Luxury Hotels are not considered the cheapest option today. There are all levels of accommodation services offered in the center of Tel Aviv, including 3- to 5-star hotels, with luxurious additions such as spas and pools, vast porches, technologically equipped rooms and open roofs with a breathtaking view.

Some hotels may have only a small number of luxurious rooms; others consist of dozens or even hundreds of rooms. 

Each boutique hotel is unique in its own way and finds its way to the hearts of potential residents. The special services include different levels of leisure and travel. Some offer combined cultural leisure, such as spa treatment, a visit to the theater or free bicycles rentals (riding bicycles as a mean of transportation is very common in this area).

Berdichevsky Hotel, located on the street of the same name, is known by its incomparable sense of style and luxurious bar, well known among the locals.


How do the offerings of Tel Aviv boutique hotels meet worldwide trends?

In general, the boutique lifestyle in Tel Aviv is perfectly aligned with the general trends. These unique accommodations are aimed to please each and every guest according to their own needs and desires. The most luxurious hotels fulfill this purpose with over-the-top, high-class care facilities; the smaller ones emphasize special attention and sensitivity to ones needs, for example, wake up calls, taxi orders, luggage storage, Internet, fax services and more.

The bottom line is that you can find any type of boutique hotels in Tel-Aviv area to fit your budget and wishes in order to have the perfect trip to this unique city in the Middle East. The Berdichevsky hotel represents all the greatness of Tel-Aviv night-life through unique cocktails and high-fashion service and design.

Boutique Hotels Tel Aviv
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