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Tel Aviv HotelsLooking for some good time in a modern, vibrant city with just a hint of Middle Eastern fleur? Tel Aviv is exactly what you need. With fantastic beaches and various offerings of accommodations to fit any budget, friendly people and numerous activities, some even for free – you can’t go wrong.

Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel. Although it’s not the capital, many consider it as the most prominent business (especially hi-tech companies) and leisure center. Its wide range of activities enables the city to offer excellent hotels and other accommodation services, including the Berdichevsky Hotel, which represents the upscale boutique Hotels in Tel Aviv.

You can choose whatever option suits you best, and go on the holiday of your life.

Basically, there are three types of hotel in Tel-Aviv:

  1. World-wide known hotel chains
    These names are familiar to all of us, Hilton, Sheraton, and so on.  Some of them are representatives of the worldwide chains, some are franchises, but either way, these are brands whose names speak for themselves. These days, however, some people prefer to receive a personal touch from the staff and get to know the city. The chain hotels are located in different areas of the city, some by the seaside (Ha Yarkon Street) or in the center of town.

  2. Local luxurious hotel chains - Tel Aviv Luxury Hotel
    These names are also very well known, but mostly in Israel, such as Dan, Leonardo and Crown Plaza. They are ranked as five-star hotels, and are frequently more expensive than smaller hotels. Those who seek a real Tel-Aviv experience tend to choose smaller, more intimate and quieter accommodation services.
  1. Boutique hotels
    This category consists of hotels that are unique in their own way. They may be ranked from three to five stars, but there are some general similarities between all of them, the most important of which is that they work hard to provide a unique experience to all their visitors. Berdichevsky Hotel has one of the best bars in Tel Aviv, and its guests begin their stay with a cocktail (because it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere in the world).

These days there are many boutique hotels located in the hottest and most interesting spots in the city, mainly centering around Rothschild Boulevard.

The idea behind boutique hotels is to provide a real experience of what Tel Aviv is all about, which is possible only when you’re “down to earth” and get to know the area as you walk along its streets. 

Additionally, boutique hotels always strive to provide their guests with added value, and make them feel special and welcome. Berdichevsky Hotel is one of these lovely spots, providing the guests with luxurious, yet warm and cozy, accommodations. There's a room to fit every budget, a pampering spa and special packages you’ll find nowhere else. This is a perfect place for those who appreciate extraordinary drinks and dishes, personal attention and an impeccable sense of style.

Tel Aviv Hotels
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