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Tel Aviv is located in Israel and is known as the city that never sleeps. There are so many things and attractions to experience Tel Aviv Luxury Hotelsin Tel Aviv that it has become a major tourist attraction, drawing millions of eager visitors a year. The city is an economic hub that is home to many businesses and organizations, such as the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and offices. The people who live in Tel Aviv are called Tel Avivim. The city is known worldwide for its culture of twenty-four hour non-stop movement and party atmosphere. Boutique Hotels Tel Aviv offer a place to rest up and get ready to explore all of Tel Aviv.
The Berdichevsky Hotel is located on 14 Berdichevsky Street, Tel Aviv and literally has the attractions and city of Tel Aviv at its doorstep. The White City of Bauhaus buildings, Israel's national theater, and the cinematheque movie theater on Ha'arba'a Street are just a short walk away. If you prefer a leisurely stroll, it is only twenty minutes to get to the picturesque Mediterranean Sea. Dine at one of Tel Aviv's many extraordinary restaurants or simply stroll around the Tel Aviv Museum Of Art. Or stay in and enjoy a professional massage from the Berdichevsky spa staff, have a drink at their custom-designed European bar, or enjoy breakfast in the Berdichevsky cafe, all located on the grounds and a simple, convenient walk from your room. Enjoy the sights and attractions of Tel Aviv right outside the Berdichevsky's door.

About Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is located in Gush Dan, the largest metropolitan area in Israel with three million residents who call it home. Tel Aviv is located in the Gush Dan province and has over four hundred thousand inhabitants as well as the title of the second largest city in Israel (the first is Jerusalem). This area is located by the Mediterranean and is in the west central area of Israel. There are many foreign embassies that are located in Tel Aviv due to political reasons of not all governments recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Tel Aviv was founded by a community of Jews and was originated just outside the ancient port city of Jaffa. Eventually, the growth of Tel Aviv outpaced that of Jaffa, which consisted mainly of Arabs. Two years after Israel was declared a state, Jaffa and Tel Aviv were officially combined to make one big city. It is the fifth highest visited city in Africa and the Middle East.

Tel Aviv has many places to go and events to experience. It has a wide array of arts attractions, including midnight plays, movie showings, art galleries, and museums. For dining and drinking, Tel Aviv has many stylish cafes, coffee shops, pubs, and restaurants with world class cuisine in beautiful settings. Have dinner by the sea and enjoy the view of the water and the sound of the waves. From the south of the Florentine quarter to the Tel Aviv port to Shenkin street, there are amusement parks and more. Spend a lovely day at the beach or dance the night away in one of the many fabulous Tel Aviv night clubs, dancing to the music spun by premiere DJs. In addition, beauty and relaxation get reborn in the world class comfort of boutique Hotels in Tel Aviv.

Nightlife, Museums, Galleries, and Shows to Visit in Tel Aviv

There is a twenty-four hour party constantly going on in Tel Aviv. For its energetic night life, Tel Aviv has hot night clubs, dance bars, and bars that serve up drinks and a place to dance the night away. The largest club in Tel Aviv is called The TLV Club and hosts many of the best DJs and international acts. Comfort 13, Sublime, and the Haoman 17 club provide beats and beverages. There are many museums worthy of a visit in Tel Aviv as well, such as the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. For those interested in seeing more art, there is the Israel Ersatz Gallery as well as the Palmach Museum, a multimedia museum located near Tel Aviv University.

The Berdichevsky Hotel in Tel Aviv

The Berdichevsky Hotel is a sleek, relaxing oasis that represents the best in Tel Aviv luxury hotels. The rooms are decorated with rich mahogany tones as well as black and white and have the finest quality when it comes to its Egyptian cotton sheets, Goose down comforter, plush Turkish cloth towels, and fine robes and slippers. The rooms are fully equipped with a minibar, flat screen TV with a smart TV system, telephone, and wireless internet. In addition, each room comes with a safe deposit box. The Berdichevsky offers warm and professional customer service, beautiful rooms, and countless amenities and make it a welcome resting place after a long day experiencing the spots and sounds of Tel Aviv. For your next vacation, book at the Berdichevsky Hotel to experience the finest in Tel Aviv luxury hotels. Call us today to book a room.

Tel Aviv Luxury Hotels - Berdichevsky Hotel
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