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Tel Aviv is known as the party city, the city that never sleeps, and is the second largest city in Israel. Tel Aviv has a large variety of attractions and things to do for as long Tel Aviv best Boutique Hotelas you have the energy for. The city has boutiques for shopping, amusement parks, museums, art galleries, night clubs, dance bars, plays, beach, and fine, world class dining. There are many activities in this bustling city of over four hundred thousand people. Tel Aviv also has a number of ways to ride transportation, whether bike, taxi, bus, or by rail at the Tel Aviv Central train station. A light rail is currently being built and is scheduled to finish in 2016; it plans to include ten stations. In addition, Tel Aviv has the best in plush boutique hotels in Tel Aviv to go to sleep after a long day seeing Tel Aviv.

Features of the Berdichevsky Hotel and Spots to Visit Nearby

The Berdichevsky Tel Aviv boutique hotel is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, right near the beach. Some of the exquisite features offered by this one of the best boutique hotels Tel Aviv has, include a cafe, bar, and spa. Relax and sip some coffee surrounded by elegant black fishbone wooden floors and Ralph Lauren wallpaper. The sleek European theme continues in the bar, where you can sit back with a delicious drink crafted by the Berdichevsky's professional mixologists. Get a massage or take a steam in the Berdichevsky's luxury spa with a dry steam sauna. Or go out and step into Rothschild Boulevard and visit the Opera House or Tel Aviv Art Museum, all just a short five minute walk from the hotel. The Berdichevsky offers online reservations as well for easy room bookings.

Boutique Hotels in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv was established by a group of Jews not far from the ancient port city of Jaffa, which was mainly Arabian. As time went on, the Tel Aviv colony outstripped Jaffa in Boutique Hotels in Tel Avivgrowth. The two cities were combined in 1950, two years after Israel was declared a state. It currently has a population of 7,606 per square kilometer with a growth rate of 0.5%. The city is just over 91% Jewish inhabitants, with 4% Muslim and Arabian Christians, with the remainder being some groups, a portion Christian and Muslim. There are over five hundred synagogues in Tel Aviv currently practicing.

The Architecture of Tel Aviv

The architecture of the city intermingles with the designs and signs for the new Tel Aviv businesses. The Tel Aviv boutique hotels intermingle just off the sidewalk, going streets filled with cafes and eateries. Tel Aviv has a variety of styles of architecture that represent different time periods. Oriental Eclectic came into style in the 1920s, putting together the classical European facets of buildings with ornamental style.

Tel Aviv has many, many attractions and things going on. At any given moment, there are a multitude of showings, galleries, dancing bars, and cafes open. Tel Aviv is globally known for its twenty-four hour all-the-time party culture and celebration of youth. In addition to the style of the boutique hotels in Tel Aviv, there are many beach-oriented activities available or there's always a night club open with the premiere DJs in the world spinning. Tel Aviv never truly closes. Have dinner watching the sunset over the ocean. Order room service from the Tel Aviv boutique hotels.

Tel Aviv Boutique Hotel: The Bredichevsky Hotel

The Berdichevsky is nestled away and tucked into the little heart of Tel Aviv. Of the many boutique hotels Tel Aviv has, the Berdichevsky Hotel offers modern comforts with relaxing, classic design. Each beautifully furnished room has calming wood tones. The comforter is Grey down and the sheets are Egyptian Cotton, while the towels are made of plush Turkish cloth. Each room comes equipped with a telephone, television, smart television system, climate control, wireless internet, a minibar, and a safety deposit box. This Tel Aviv boutique hotel offers fine luxury and a place to relax after a long day touring the city that never sleeps.
During your next vacation, you are really going to enjoy everything, including the best boutique hotels Tel Aviv has to offer. Tel Aviv Boutique Hotel, is a welcome respite from the busy everyday activities of Tel Aviv. Whether it's visiting an art museum or checking out the campus of the University of Tel Aviv, it's nice to come back at the end of the day to a luxurious room and a soft bed covered with the finest cloth. Call us today to book a room and don't leave your travels in the fifth most visited city in the Middle East and Africa up to chance. Kick back and have all your worries washed away as you enjoy the exotic locale and hidden treasures of Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv best Boutique Hotel - Berdichevsky
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